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change the course of your TEEN'S life.

Teen on top of a ledge, worried about his future

What Is Skilled Up?

     Skilled Up Ohio, LLC is an on-site and mobile training team delivering in-person, fully engaged training to help you "skill up" and reach your full potential.

     Currently, we are offering "Skill Up 101: Essential Skills for Life", a course for recent and upcoming grads to prepare them for their next step in life. These next few years can be full of roadblocks and expensive mistakes or can set them up for lifelong success. In this five-day, three-hour-a-day bootcamp-style class, we educate students on how to avoid common mistakes like maxing out credit cards, blowing up car engines, and living on microwaveable meals.  We teach them everything from financial literacy and auto maintenance to how to cook nearly anything, save someone's life, and interview effectively.  This is NOT just another lecture or YouTube video.  Skills are taught through real-life, hands-on "Skill Builders".  Students will finish the course with the confidence to make smart choices about their future, ask for help when they need it, and handle any hurdles in their path.       

     Our team is made up of professional, experienced instructors, teaching in scientifically proven methods to help students learn and retain life-changing skills. 

    We also continuously offer Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED training at our site in Loveland, Ohio or at your site upon request. *Restrictions Apply


Skill Up 101 Classes Begin June 26th. Register Now

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What's Our Why?

We believe everyone has enormous potential, but many people fail to reach that potential because they don't have the skills to manage life's inevitable detours.

We launched Skilled Up Ohio to level the playing field. 

We proudly give students the skills to live independently, save a life, and to reach their fullest potential at work or home through interactive and engaging training.

Would your teen know what to do in an emergency?

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